3 tips for styling streetwear (without looking like a poser)

        Streetwear might be the hottest trend right now.  But there is a catch – there is too much of a good thing.  If you’re leaving your house in head to toe streetwear you’re setting yourself up to look like a poser.   And let’s be upfront about this, no matter how much time you…

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“Desperate Housewife” part 3 – Career Baby

      This is the post you might have been waiting for…my thoughts on babies.  Well I’m not ready for a real baby quite yet.  For now I am nurturing a different kind of baby, a career baby.


“Desperate Housewife” part 2 – The Relationship Checklist

  In the previous installment of my “Desperate Housewife” series I told a modern day fairytale of how I met my husband Josh on the internet. Now I’m addressing the societal norms of the relationship checklist – what that has looked like for us and what it means for us today.


“Desperate Housewife” part 1 – It began on Jdate

This is the first of three installments of my “Desperate Housewife” editorial series.  Along with some magazine worthy imagery by Bekah Wriedt, I’m sharing a glimpse into married life…