Store Revolving Curation – What Vintage Dreams are made of

  One of my fashion goals at the beginning of 2018 was to shop more vintage. And I definitely have been in large part to one of my favorite vintage stores ever, Store Revolving Curation.  The trend driven selection and the finely tuned merchandising make for a truly shopable experience and it’s impossible to leave…

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3 body positive lessons from spraining my ankle

      Living a more sedentary lifestyle from a sprained ankle has brought up insecurities of mine surrounding body image and exercise.  However, instead of ruminating during this down time I’ve learned to give myself compassion and harness more body positivity in an unexpected way.

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Coordinated Color Denim

    Matching sets have been trending for the past year now, but why not bring it one step further and be ahead of the curve by color coordinating your denim?? It can bring endless possibilities to your summer wardrobe…

Star Spangled Denim

      Need something understated yet festive to wear for the 4th of July?  Star spangled denim is the perfect solution.  Shop lots of denim with star details after the jump.  Oh, and some spirited star earrings if you want to keep it reallll simple.